Left on the verge
Horse welfare charities need your help to handle what could become a ‘horse crisis’ in England and Wales. We are under immense pressure due to the increasing number of horses and ponies needing our help. There are 2,800 equines in our rehoming centres, which are now at capacity, and it is estimated that a further 7,000 horses are at risk in England and Wales. There is real concern that should there be another harsh winter, we will be physically unable to cope with the number of horses needing urgent care.

World Horse Welfare, the RSPCA, Redwings, The Blue Cross, The British Horse Society and HorseWorld are working together with the support of the National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC) to try and overcome this crisis. We produced a report showing the problem in October last year, and have now produced an update, both showing our proposed solutions, but we also need the support of the horse owning public, government agencies and local authorities.

Please help us by emailing DEFRA and asking them to take action to deal with this crisis. We need Government support for the solutions in our report. By contacting Ministers, you can help us to call for this.