BASC in Parliament
BASC works to ensure that all political parties support shooting sports. We do this by working with individual MPs from all parties to inform them about the benefits of shooting.

Prior to the May 2015 General Election, BASC members were able to identify more than 350 candidates who became MPs who are supportive of shooting. We seek to continue to grow this support as much as possible, and you can play an important role in achieving this.

This campaign site allows you to give your views to your MP and support BASC's campaign to secure the future of shooting. Click the link on the left of this screen to search for your MP/email your MP about shooting.

You can also:

• Check your MP view on shooting.

• Email your MP to establish their position, if they have not recorded one, and inform them of your views.

• Invite your MP to find out more about shooting.

If you email your MP please copy the response you receive to

For further information on the benefits of shooting click the link below: