Greater London MAG
London Bikers Are Voters 2008

MAG prides itself as an apolitical organisation whose primary objective is the promotion of motorcycling, ensuring that motorcyclists are recognised as people with legitimate views of how motorcycling should be main streamed into Government policy.

MAG will work positively with politicians of all parties who demonstrate not only their own personal commitment, but also the commitment of their political party, to the improvement of motorcycling interests.

With these principles in mind MAG would like to help you, as a motorcyclist and voter, to make up your mind, based on informed judgement, on who should be voted in as London’s Mayor when voting takes place on Thursday 1st May 2008.

Links to this campaign page will show the letter being sent by the London MAG regional representative, Gerard Livett. The letter poses questions specific to motorcycling issues.

The responses, from each of the candidates will be posted on this page as soon as they are received. You will be able draw your own conclusions on who would be the most motorcycle friendly mayor.

Information which comes to light from media sources on the mayoral candidates, their views and opinions, in the lead up to the elections will likewise be posted on this site.

There are 100,000 bikers in Greater London. Every vote counts.

Make sure you vote and do your bit to improve biking in London. Remember, what happens in London has a knock on effect throughout the country!

Yes, you really can make a difference!

Gerard Livett

Greater London Regional Representative

Motorcycle Action Group

Greater London Region of MAG

Nominations have closed and the candidates have been announced.

Richard Barnbrook British National Party

Gerard Batten UK Independence Party

Siân Berry Green Party

Alan Craig Christian Peoples Alliance and Christian Party

Lindsey German Left List

Boris Johnson Conservative Party

Ken Livingstone The Labour Party

Winston McKenzie Independent

Matt O'Connor English Democrats

Brian Paddick Liberal Democrats