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‘Off Road Vehicles (Registration) Bill’ Withdrawn


11th July 2007

Graham Stringer's Private Members Bill, the Off Road (Vehicles) Registration Bill has been withdrawn. With a promise to set up a taskforce to deal with the issue of Mini Motos.

Mr Stringer MP, made the announcement at this morning's session of the Bill's Standing Committee in Parliament.

David Short

MAG Campaigns Manager

Update 5th July 2007

After a recent Commons debate and vote on Parliamentary procedure to allow the bill to continue at the Committee Stage the bill will go through further scrutiny on the 11th July.

A date for a Third Reading in Parliament has not yet been set.

You need to lobby your MP now!

If you already have a reminder would not go amiss.

13th March 2007

Graham Stringer MP for Blackley Manchester, (labour), has introduced his ‘off road vehicles, (registration) bill by way of a private members bill.

The Bill received its second reading on Friday 2nd March 2007.

The bill was voted through to the committee stage by a significant majority.

This bill has been brought about to deal specifically with localised problems caused by the irresponsible, illegal and anti social use of mini motos.

These are miniature motorbikes purchased at very low cost and which have been imported mainly from China.

These machines are not intended for road use. They do not meet construction and use and other legal requirements and are not ‘type approved’.

As a consequence they are outside any form of registration scheme.

The intention of the Bill is to extend the current registration scheme which applies to road vehicles to include those vehicles used off road.

The belief, by supporters of the bill, is that such a scheme will prevent anti social and illegal use and make it easier for the police to deal with the problem.

The wording of the bill in its current form does not differentiate between types of vehicles.

It would include off road motorcycles used legitimately by responsible owners in sporting events held off road. These would include;

Trials, Moto cross, speedway, grass tracking, enduros, road racing on purpose built circuits and closed roads such as the Isle of Man TT races.

It would also affect farmers, council and theme park workers who use quad bikes for essential work off road.

The government does not want this bill to be passed. At the second reading the roads minister Dr Steven Ladyman made it clear that the bill was unnecessary and unworkable. He outlined that there were already sufficient powers allowing the police, local authorities and other agencies to deal with this problem.


The intention of this campaign is to challenge the bill to ensure that it fails.

David Short

Campaigns Manager
Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK)

Mobile: 07738948080
Office: 01347 822214



3rd May 2007

Briefing Document Update on the Information page.

Coalition of Organisations to Fight Off Road Registration Bill

Issued 13th April 2007

A wide ranging group of organisations from all walks of life, which includes the Motor Cycle Industry Association, the National Farmers Union, the Agricultural Engineers Association, the RAC Foundation, the Land Access and Recreational Association, the riders groups MAG and BMF and the Auto Cycle Union have come together in a coalition to lobby against a Parliamentary Private Members Bill which seeks to force all off road motorcycles and quadricycles to be registered and carry number plates.

3rd April 2007

You can now sign a petition regarding the bill on the 10 Downing Street website. Use the link on the left menu.

29th March 2007

Anne Main MP (Conservative) has launched an Early Day Motion (EDM) to protect the interests of motorbike users.

Full details on the "Email Your Support" page.