Contact your MP to support inclusive Remembrance services

===What is happening?===
The British Humanist Association and Defence Humanists are for the fifth year in a row advocating for the inclusion of representatives of the non-religious at the Remembrance Day services on Sunday 11th November 2014. This year marks the 100th year since the start of World War I, which is why it's even more important than ever before that non-religious people are given some representation at the ceremony.

===What are we doing?===
The BHA, and Defence Humanists are urging our supporters to highlight the ever-increasing voices of humanists demanding a change in the current stance of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the UK Government.

===What can you do?===
Contact your MP and let them know that they have your support in making our National Service more inclusive! Follow the link on the left for a stock letter that is automatically addressed to your local MP – but we strongly recommend you to personalise your letter to add to the weight of its argument.

Please e-mail your MP, to ask them to clarify their position on this important issue and encourage them to support the campaign and raise the issue with the responsible Secretary of State, Savid Javid MP (Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport).

Please do forward a copy of any response you receive to the BHA, as it may help to make our campaign even more effective.