European Election 2014
Elections to the European Parliament will be held on Thursday 22 May 2014. Most of the results will be announced on Sunday 25 May, after voting has closed throughout the 28 member states.

BASC works to ensure that all political parties support shooting sports. We do this in Europe by working with individual MEPs to inform them about the benefits of shooting.

Some of the many potential pressures on shooting emanate from Europe. Your participation in European elections is therefore as important as taking part in national elections.

This campaign site allows you to give your views to your candidates and support BASC's campaign to secure sensible, safe and workable firearms legislation.

You can also:
  • Check your candidates view on shooting.

  • Email your candidates to establish their position, if they have not recorded one, and inform them of your views.

  • Invite your candidates to find out more about shooting.

If you email your candidates please copy the response you receive to