Say no to Bishops in the Lords!
The House of Lords Reform Committee headed by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP is looking at the right of Bishops to sit in Parliament.

The UK is the only democratic country to give seats in its legislature to religious representatives as of right.

We believe that the automatic right of Bishops to sit in the Lords must be removed and that if there are any appointed members in a reformed chamber they should be appointed on merit - not because of their religious beliefs.

If you agree with us, please use this site to email your MP and urge them to support the removal of Bishops' automatic right to sit in our Parliament through the link on the left.

By clicking on 'Arguments against Bishops' on the left, you can read our briefing on Bishops, including all the arguments you will need to tell your MP why you think the Bishops should go - and why there should not be reserved places in our Parliament for any religious representatives.