Worship in Schools
The BHA campaigns for inclusive school assemblies and against ‘collective worship’ in school, which excludes and offends many and is a matter of concern to teachers and head teachers, parents and pupils, and to many religious people and organisations as well as humanists.

We believe that the parental right to excuse their child and the right for sixth formers to excuse themselves is not a proper or satisfactory solution. In the first place we want the immediate withdrawal of DfES (now DfE) guidance (Circular 1/94), which gives a narrow interpretation of the legal requirement for ‘broadly Christian’ worship, and its replacement with new guidance encouraging inclusive assemblies and making it simpler for schools to seek ‘determinations’ in order to hold assemblies suitable for all their pupils.

This must be followed by replacing the law requiring acts of worship in schools with one that requires schools to have inclusive inspirational assemblies that may draw on both secular and religious material but do not include religious acts of worship.

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