Write to your MEP about blasphemy laws
Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right and it is challenged all over the world by pernicious blasphemy and religious insult laws which are used by states to punish atheists and people of minority religions, and to insulate governments from all criticism. Far from being antiquated dead letter laws, in many parts of the world these laws continue to lead to death and prison sentences.

We the British Humanist Association, a member of the International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws have prepared the following text which you can amend to and send to your MEP to urge them to take a right-minded progressive stance against these laws and the harm they cause.

In particular, we want to see an end to these laws as still exist in many EU states so that the EU can be a more effective champion of human rights and be more effective in its call for an end to deadly blasphemy laws in countries like Pakistan, Yemen, and Mauritania.

We’ve suggested some text you can use below, but please do edit it to make it more personal, if you can, as this will give it more credence. Here are some ways you might want to do that:

- If you a religious person, please emphasise how blasphemy laws persecute people of all religions and none – they even persecute theologically liberal people within the dominant religion of a country.

- If you originate from or have ties to a country which has blasphemy laws on its books, please emphasise how important it is that the EU take an effective stand against them

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If you have any other queries, please contact us at campaigns@humanism.org.uk.
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