Write to your MP about the Government’s move to ban civil society groups from objecting to school admission arrangements
We’re encouraging people to write to their MPs about the UK Government’s recent move to ban civil society organisations like the BHA from raising concerns about English schools’ admission arrangements.

We’ve suggested some text you can use below, but please do edit it to make it more personal – we know that MPs are more likely to take notice of personalised emails and queries, and many of you may either know your MP well or have experienced the problems that parents face in the school admissions system for yourselves.

Here are some suggestions for how you could do so:
  • If you are a parent, carer, or grandparent… then please emphasise this fact and any personal experience you have had of the admissions system, and how the ban will only make it harder for parents to navigate.

  • If you are a teacher or governor… then please emphasise this fact and your own experience of dealing with admissions at your school, and the complexity involved.

  • If you are a local councillor or are involved in schools in your area… please emphasise this and provide your particular insight into how the system operates.

  • If you are a pupil… then talk about the importance to you that you have a diverse range of friends and classmates.
There is no need to address your email with 'Dear...' as our system automatically addresses it to your MP.

You can read more about the work that we do on admissions, or by reading the report we published with the Fair Admissions Campaign last year. If you have any other queries, please contact us at campaigns@humanism.org.uk.
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